Forbidden Love…(Continued)

Through all the ups and downs they encountered together, somehow the more they couldn’t be together the more they wanted no-one else but each other. There were days when it would take its toll on them and they would fight and not speak but somewhere in their dreams they would meet. Everything seemed so simple when they were together and that became the foundation of their relationship.

On this particular day they were apart and not on speaking terms either but memories and thoughts of each other took the better half of them. She sat there on the park bench looking directly at the pond as the ducks and geese swam around gracefully on top of the water. The gosling’s and ducklings swam behind their mothers as they were taught how to pick food and have a good day in the water. She sat there and stared in silence at the pond, ducks and geese as her mind went back to a time that they went for a walk in the forest. It was sunny and humid but a beautiful day altogether. The tall trees provided much shade and a cool breeze something like air-conditioning. As they walked hand in hand down the path they came across different plants and creatures in their natural habitats. Squirrels scurrying around, a woodpecker making a new home, a porcupine just strolling across the path, a hare hopping around the bushes, an owl dozing off and many other creatures. It was the perfect setting with all the right elements to go with it.

They stopped to smell some flowers and pick some berries from a bush. They saw how the birds were having a go at them and decided to give it a try. Everything was just right even the berries tasted just good they even contemplated setting up a camp and just living somewhere there in the forest. On that day they shared lustful and intimate moments that remain in their core. The intensity of their emotions, attraction, chemistry and mindset was at the pinnacle of it’s existence. They found it almost impossible to keep their hands off each other most of the time. The only time they were not as close was when they spotted a snake in one of the bushes and they dashed down the path to safety. When they had ran what they decided was a safe distance they stopped and just burst out laughing whilst gasping for air.

After a while of poking fun at each other and tearful laughter, they decided to find a bigger and clearer path to avoid another run in with what they concluded was one of their biggest fears. They walked and searched for signs of one until they got to crossroads. The path to their left looked more wider and the sun shone through to the forest floor more. They decided to take that one as they could see a rockery up ahead. Just like little children they climbed the rocks and explored everything on their path but made sure to be very careful of snakes. They found the signs that directed them out of the forest and were so excited about accomplishing their little adventure. They were the great explorers of the world. When they got out of the forest the sun was setting and even though it added more beauty to an aesthetic day, the thought of parting ways brought them back to reality.

As extraordinary as life was when they were together they had to admit it was governed by time an essentially society. Their love affair was short-lived and that cut deep hence why they constantly got mad at each other about it. All they could do was enjoy what they had but how long would it go on before it’s discovered and ended? Will it end and will it really be the end?….


Forbidden Love

The sun shone brightly across the blue sky, a gentle breeze swept over the land touching the leaves on the tress and bushes as it went by. The birds flew gracefully chirping, whistling, tweeting and drumming as they ran through a beautiful field of flowers. Flowers of different colours and they all had a sweet and aromatic scent. The grassy kopje formed the backdrop with the green leafy trees and bushes giving it more of a painting look. The feeling of being surrounded by such astounding beauty and bliss was paradise and their union felt as infinite as the universe.

He looked at her longingly and lovingly as if that was all his eyes and being could see. She stood there dazed and enchanted by his eyes and physical appearance. Time almost stood still as they drifted between worlds telepathically breaking every law of human perception. In this moment that they found themselves in, their existence became some what intertwined in every aspect. They thought alike, felt the same, and dreamt similarly to a point unexplainable to an average lustful affair.

What they had was alien to a soul that knew no true love but an experience that every being in existence lives for. Though they sat in silence their bodies and embrace spoke so loudly of their connection. What makes them look and behave so attached to each others existence as they do? How did they meet and what sparked this fire that burns within them engulfing both of them? Who could ever put it out?

At that moment there were no known answers to those questions because no words could honestly describe the affection between the two. Just two souls under the spotlight of the sun, visible moon and the unseen presence of the stars and heavens above. They embraced in what one would describe as a moment for life and channelled love energy through their bodies as well as conduct it. They became transmitters and receivers of the vital energy source the world ever discovered, LOVE.

But even in the brilliance of the moment the underlying fear of being apart still remainded. They both knew the time they had was limited if not predetermined by the different backgrounds they emerged out of. The thought of not being together because of other people’s sentiments and opinions keeps tugging at the strings of their hearts. Even with the constant reassuring they couldn’t avoid the gloomy moments of this love affair. Was it right and acceptable to say that their union was somehow unacceptable? And if then why did everything seem so right for them? Were they wrong to go against who and what they believed to be right only to be together?

All these thoughts and possibilities, all the restrictions and regulations but at the centre of it all their worlds did not clash but instead joined. There was more than bliss provided by both their presence in the time they shared. Their union created a separate reality, world and universe altogether. Their hearts beat at the same rate, their minds drifted off in the same direction and their bodies merged every time they were together. Nothing they had experienced was greater than this feeling. Every moment and every touch was a moment for life.

All those who managed to witness this union and connection would look and stare in much admiration. Not known to them was the fear they both shared of being apart when it mattered most. Their love became based on shared time rather than being a ‘happy ever after’ that was suiting. How long it would go on for became a matter of tolerance rather than fate. Their patience for it was tried and proven to be solid but how long they would be allowed to go on was not about distance but the space they had come to accept to exist between them.

They fought everyday to see their love in a different light despite the fact that it wouldn’t possibly go as far as they wanted. This feeling brought much discomfort and pain at times which contributed to the fights they would sometimes have. They weren’t directly angry with each other but rather upset that they had to conform to a rules that would keep them apart. It was almost taboo for them to be together or was it? What if they went against the grain and end up together? Would they be happy knowing they would have broken the rules? What would their families and friends say? Who would support and encourage them?

There were times when they just wanted to run off to a distant place and be together for as long time allowed. They had a place were they could just be but they longed to be together even if they had to be around everyone else. All they wanted was to be seen for the love they shared and the beauty of their connection. Why did society have to complicate something so pure and true?…


The Law Of Attraction Uncoded…(Continued)

Charles F Haanel – “There’s no limit to what this law can do for you. Dare to believe in your ideal? Think the ideal as an accomplished idea.”

Emilie Cady – “Every man must take time for quiet and meditation. In daily meditation lies the secret of the power.”

It is no lie that we are the architects of our lives regardless of how you think it to be and how it turns out to be. You have to acknowledge that the circumstances you find yourself in are a result of your thoughts whether conscious or subconscious. For example if you wish to travel the world and see all the beautiful places you have seen, heard of or like but think it’s impossible because of your job, financial situation, family etc. Your thought of traveling becomes overpowered by your doubt and fears and manifests itself as just a dream. But if you believe that it will come true even if your current situation does not make it seem possible. Your thought manifests in reality because your will to travel outweighs your fear of being unable to.

A well organised and established mind knows no boundaries. We struggle to accomplish a lot in life because our minds are fixed on too many things in our waking life. We are easily distracted by our mobile phones, social media,busy jobs and different responsibilities everyday that we end up being unable to achieve much of what we truly want. In a fast moving world with a vast amount of information at almost everyone’s disposal, it is easy to see how the average person can be unplugged from their reality to only become a daydreamer. We lack the ability to sometimes make time for ourselves and our thoughts and that causes frustration and suppression of thoughts and emotions.

Having time to be alone and in silence helps one think, rethink and plan different things out in one’s life. Think of your brain as a super computer that’s starting to run slow because there are too many tabs open. The only way to better the performance is either to reboot/close tabs to refresh the processor. Your brain has the ability and power to learn and unlearn and it is because of that we have the power to change and grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When your mind is clear, your body is relaxed, emotions are stable and your soul is at peace. It’s at this point that your thoughts are most powerful because your being is in tune with every fibre of your existence.

African Proverb – “If you keep looking for a fly in your food then you’re not hungry.”

Emilie Cady – “Our spoken word first hammers a thing into shape. Our continued spoken words bring this shaped subject forth and clothes it with a visible body.”

Napoleon Hill – “Keep your mind focused on what you want in life not what you don’t.”

You are like a magnet and everything you wish for, want, pray for and desire are all possibilities that you can obtain. All you have to do is attract the ones you want by choosing them and going for them knowing you will have them. All you have to do is think it, speak it and believe it wholeheartedly with no fear or doubt and you will unlock the doors to your dreams. It may seem complicated at times but once you learn to make time to think about everything you truly want when you are in the right frame of mind (write it down if you have to) and remind yourself everyday how much you want it. The more you speak it, the more you believe its possibility and ultimately it becomes a reality. They say “Practice makes perfect because anything done continuous becomes a habit” so practice what you preach until it becomes a habit and you will see just how much you can accomplish as an individual, as humanity and as one with the universe.

African Proverb – “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot harm you.”

African Proverb – “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

Native American Proverb – “You already possess everything you need to become great.”

Native American Proverb – “Certain things catch your eye but only go for those that capture your heart.”

Native American Proverb – “Everyone is like a house with four rooms, a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most of us live in one only one room but unless we learn to go into every room everyday even if only to keep up we are not a complete person.”

Asian Proverb – “To a fearless person, no fence is high enough.”

Asian Proverb – “If you think in terms of a year plant a seed, in terms of 10 years plant a tree, in terms of 100 years teach the people…


The Law Of Attraction Uncoded

Everything around us was once a thought, a simple expression in the mind before it manifested itself physically as we see it now.

Buddha“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

Einstein – “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

These among many other different ideologies, concepts and theories sum up the general perspective, opinion and understanding of our universe. Creation and everything in existence is believed to be the result of vibration/frequency, and subconscious activity. It is generally and widely believed that at the centre of all creation is the core and source of energy that powers and empowers everything in existence. Everything we know to be either Good or Bad is fueled and constructed through thought process but all is derived from the core.

Even though our moral code, knowledge and depiction may directly point out the differences in both Good and Bad thoughts, their manifestation is of similar nature. This means that both results are obtained through one process and from one source instead of two different ones. Yin and Yang, Male and Female, Negative and Positive, Good and Bad, Up and Down etc may all appear different in representation but each contain the seed/element of the other. By so being they should not be seen as opposing or being antagonistic but rather as complimentary to one whole existence. This knowledge is relevant for unlocking the power of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is the basic principle of making what seems impossible possible through the method of thought processing. Basically everything you have or need are all a result of your thoughts and how much you want it to be a reality. The more you doubt the possibility of you obtaining what you long for the more impossible it becomes for you to attain it. The thoughts we think and the words we speak are constantly shaping our world and experiences hence why they say, “You reap what you sow.” One can only receive positive results if they only manage to maintain a positive mentality and attitude towards their challenges.

Jack Canfield – “Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Bob Proctor – “It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”

How much you believe in what you think determines how much of a reality it will become. You have to learn to overwrite negativity and fear of the unknown with optimism and determination. Dreams do come true but only if you believe in their possibility of becoming and being a reality. Nothing is unattainable if you put you mind to it.

Florence Scovel Shin – “The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, words and deeds return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.”

Prentice Mulford – “Our thought is an unseen magnet, ever attracting its correspondence with things seen and tangible.”

Prentice Mulford – “There is a supreme power and ruling force that pervades and rules the boundless universe. You are a part of that force.”

Emma Curtis Hopkins – “The world will persist exhibiting for you what you persist in affirming the world is.”

Emma Curtis Hopkins – “The natural man perceiveth not the things of the spirit and he can not know them for they are foolishness unto him.”

The more you tap into new information and knowledge the more you learn about yourself and the universe essentially. The greatest gift is your mind for it can learn and unlearn everything effortlessly and limitlessly. How this knowledge can be applied and used to one’s on advantage and liking is a lot more simpler than you think. Whatever method or routine you choose matters not if your main focus is your intended goal. The universe is made up of chaos and order, peace and suffering, good and bad and infinite more, your only purpose is to be the balance. This means you have the potential to be anything because you are made up of both. So before you wonder why things are the way they are remember you have the power to change it all by attracting what you deem necessary through simple thought. Everything you know or knew can and will change as long as you see the possibility in your mind…(To Be Continued)


The Walls Are Alive…(continued)

Time seemed to drag by as the two young men sat in silence waiting in the car for the outcome. They anticipated good news but the thought of it being negative made their stomachs turn. Looking out the car windows they scanned the area for any ‘suspicious’ activity like detectives on a stakeout. Everything seemed normal outside and that made them more paranoid about being somehow ambushed. All the scenarios from all the detective movies, series and TV shows played over in their minds. The shootouts, holdups, car chases and crashes became a vivid figment of their imagination. Being intoxicated didn’t help keep them calm like I did earlier because at this moment they felt sober.

The electronic sliding doors of the corner store suddenly opened and the two men instantly froze in their seats not sure of what or whom to expect. There was movement from inside the store and out came a middle aged man dressed formally. He walked out the store and the doors slid closed again before he stopped outside the store and looked around. Ariel and Cedric looked at each other in fear then turned to look at the man again. At this point a heart attack or stroke could strike both the men. The man then looked in the direction of the car and kept staring in that direction for sometime. The store doors slid open again and this time a middle aged woman walked out and tapped the man on the shoulder. The man turned quickly to face the woman and they shared a light moment before walking off towards the car parked at the fuel pump. The woman had a shopping bag in her hands promoting Ariel and Cedric to believe they had stopped to refuel their car and buy a few items. They got into their vehicle and drove off as the two men diverted their attention back to the store

Not too long from when the couple had driven off did the doors open again and this time Garry stepped out with a plastic bag in hand. He walked back to the car with a serious face, got in the car and passed the plastic bag to Cedric in the back.

Ariel : “So how did it go back there?”

Garry : “Boys let’s get out of here right now!”

Garry stuck the keys in the ignition and started the engine. He reversed the car out of the parking lot and drove off almost in a flash. Ariel and Cedric just sat in their seats so gripped with fear that they couldn’t say a word. Garry twisted and turned as he steered the car around bends and corners. Ariel and Cedric had no idea where he was taking them but they didn’t want to argue at this point. They car took a left turn and drove down a narrow street that led to a quiet open spot under the big bridge. The car stopped and Garry turned of the engine before turning to Cedric in the back and asking him to hand him the plastic bag. Neither Cedric nor Ariel had asked what was in the bag as their main concern was the outcome of whether or not the store had cameras.

Cedric : “So why are we here?”

Ariel : “Why did we have to leave like we did bro? What happened inside?”

Garry sighed deeply then put his hand in the plastic bag an pulled out a bottle of Vodka. He held up to his face, opened it, smelted it and looked at Ariel and Cedric.

Garry : “Well let’s just say we’ll be drinking alot of bottles together for a very long time.”

Cedric : “What does that mean Garry?”

Ariel : “Come on bro! Say something I’m about to have a stroke here.”

Garry took a sip from the bottle, clenched his teeth and shook his head. Looked at the bottle again and giggled. Ariel and Cedric were visibly frustrated with Garry’s suspense.

Garry : “I think both of you need to be honest and admit that I am the lucky charm here.”

Ariel : “Stop playing bro this is a serious matter!”

Cedric : “If you open your mouth one more time and don’t say anything meaningful, I will strangle you myself.”

Ariel : “For real and I’ll even help to get rid of your corpse.”

Garry : “So you’re willing to commit murder on top of theft? Damn crime is really contagious!”

Ariel grabbed the bottle from Garry as Cedric put Garry in a choke hold from behind the seat.

Cedric : “I’m not playing Garry! You’re going to die today!”

Ariel : “This is your last chance or you’re going to be in the spirit world tonight.”

Garry tried to pull Cedric’s hands off but he tightened his grip with every effort until Garry felt himself Suffocating.

Garry : “Ok ok let me go.” (almost out of breath)

Ariel : “Let him talk Cedric.”

Cedric : “I’m going to loosen my grip a little but I’m not letting go.”

Ariel : “Ok now Garry talk!”

Garry : “There were no cameras so you’re safe Ok!”

Ariel/Cedric : “Sorry say that again?”


Cedric loosened his hold on Garry instantly and gave Ariel a high five. They were full of laughter and joy again as Garry coughed and gasped for air.

Garry : “So you would kill the man who’s trying to help you?”

Cedric : “I warned you bro! Why were you messing with us all this time?”

Garry : “The Good news was supposed to be a surprise and you ruined it!”

Ariel : “Thank you for the surprise but right now we just wanted to know the truth.”

Garry : “Who told you it’s the truth anyway?”

Cedric : “From the way you squealed you had to be honest about that.”

Garry : “Whatever you attempted murderer. I hope you choke on the Vodka or your lever fails.”

Cedric : “Hahahaha! Speaking of that, Ariel take your sip and pass the bottle back here.”

Ariel had a gulp and handed the bottle to Cedric who did likewise before handing to Garry. Ariel and Cedric jumped and bounced up and down their seats in relief and excitement. They had dodged a bullet again and twisted their fate further.

Ariel : “This calls for a celebration and I know exactly where and what to do.”

Cedric : “Whatever it is I’m all in!”

Garry : “This plan better involve me because I’m not being left behind this time.”

Ariel : “Don’t worry Garry you have earned you stripes and your ticket to fly with ‘Adventure Air’. Just buckle up an enjoy the flight.”

Garry : “Well we’re still on the ground by the way so maybe you want to change the name.”

Ariel : “Just pass the bottle and start the engine. We have a mission to accomplish.”

Garry took the last sip and passed the bottle to Ariel as he started the engine of the car. The look on all their faces spelt trouble but that’s what they lived for…


The Walls Are Alive…(continued)

Garry was a short, stout young man with short hair and a full beard. He had brown eyes, thick eyebrows, a fairly sized nose, mouth and soft features that prompted people to sometimes call him ‘teddy bear’. He was dark in complexion and was wearing black sneakers with a blue sole and laces, blue jeans, a black sweater and a blue t-shirt underneath. Ariel and Cedric were above average in height both had athletic bodies but of different built. Cedric was a bit more muscular than Ariel, had a medium afro with a tinted top, a goatee and moustache. He had light brown eyes, thin shaped eyebrows and a cunning smile. Ariel wasn’t as muscular as Cedric but was more ripped with dreadlocks, a moustache and goatee, dark brown eyes, thick eyebrows and a smile that showed off his pearly whites.

Cedric wore a red and white baseball jacket, a white t-shirt underneath, faded blue jeans, and white sneakers. Ariel had on black boots, black ripped jeans, a black hoodie and and a black and gold t-shirt underneath. Each of the men took a sip from the bottle before they decided to head out. The hideout/HQ was located in an empty apartment situated in an old and almost abandoned building. They found it when they ventured into the building to see what it housed. Going through the different abandoned apartments they stumbled across this room that was still in good condition and had a decent view. Impresssed with their find they went on to move some of the good furniture they had found into the room and made it their secret hideout. Most of their adventures either started or ended there so the room became an important part of their friendship.

As they made their way through the long, quiet and messy corridor to the staircase they laughed and joked about their lives and how they ended up as friends.

Garry : “If I begin to think of all the times we could have died I just don’t understand why I still hang out with the two of you.”

Ariel : “Seeing that you’re still alive even after all those near death experiences, I guess it’s safe to say if you weren’t friends with us you would probably be dead by now.”

Garry : “Oh please! What a load of nonsense! I’m like the lucky charm here not you two.”

Cedric : “Lucky charm? More like we’re your bungee cord! Without us you would have plunged to your death bro.”

Ariel : “Spot on bro!”

Garry : “Well if that was the case then why is it that I’m the one walking with shoplifters to help sort out their mess?

Ariel : “Wow! So after you have enjoyed our alcohol you have the audacity to call us shoplifters?”

Garry : “It was a figure of speech just like you two calling yourselves my bungee cord…”

Cedric : “Whatever you say Garry! You’re just bitter because your ex turned you down and made out with that cross-eyed chameleon eyed guy instead.”

Ariel : “And she cheated on you with a guy who had a lazy eye too!”

Ariel and Cedric broke out laughing as Garry just stood there staring at them red eyed with a stern look. Without warning Garry rushed towards Ariel and Cedric who took off in the direction of the staircase still laughing. He chased after them all the way down the stairs until the got outside. They stopped in the parking lot located in they front of the building and looked back at Garry who was gasping for air.

Garry : “You’re lucky my lungs aren’t as good as they used to be before I met you two.

Ariel : “What else are you going to blame on us Garry? Because it seems like we basically ruined your life since we met you.”

Cedric : “You blame us for your life choices and now you blame us for your weak lungs? You probably blame us for your drinking as well.

Garry : “Everything actually! My whole world changed since I met you two. Anyway I need to drain my tank so give me my space!”

Ariel : “Damn bro you have a weak bladder too!?”

Cedric : “Life can be so tough for some people you know.”

Garry : “Whatever boys! Let the big men do what they have to do.”

Ariel : “Make sure you water the plants whilst you’re at it.”

Cedric : “More like kill them..and the pests too.”

Ariel and Cedric broke out laughing again as Garry turned and walked towards the building wall to relieve himself. He could still hear Ariel and Cedric laughing and chatting but he carried on until he was done then walked back.

Ariel : “I thought you emptied your tank, why are you walking like it’s about to burst?”

Cedric : “Yea it was your idea to go back to the store and yet you’re out here walking like you have shackles on your feet.”

Garry : “I can take all the time I want because I’m not the one whom the cops are looking for ok.”

Ariel : “CORRECTION! MIGHT BE LOOKING FOR!..We don’t know about that yet.”

Garry : “Whatever floats your boat boys! let’s get going, I parked the car outside the building just in case someone decided to follow me.”

Cedric : “Let’s hope we don’t get busted for driving under the influence or else it’s a bonus for the law enforcement.”

Ariel : “Yea two shoplifters and a drunken driver is enough to shut the case and call it a day “

The three men chuckled as they made their way to Garry’s car in the parking outside. They entered the car and made their way to the store. On the way there the three men listened to music, talked and laughed as they remenisced all the situations they got caught up in and managed to make it out of. They say ‘through the thorns to the summit’ and this became the story of their friendship. Their life experiences had become almost intertwined ever since they had met in their mid teens. Now in their mid twenties the young man had become almost like siblings regardless of them being born in the same year.

After driving for what seemed like a long time, the three men approached the store. The events of the previous night played out in Ariel and Cedric’s minds all the way there. Not quite sure of what to expect made them very paranoid and anxious. As they stopped at the traffic lights before the store they turned down the volume on the music so as to divert attention. The traffic light turned green and the car roared forward before turning into the parking lot outside the corner store.

The engine ceased almost immediately and there was a moment of silence as the men stared out the window in the direction of the store. The air became thick and the day gloomy all of a sudden as Garry looked at Ariel and Cedric before letting out a big sigh.

Garry : “Ok..this is it boys only one way to go from here and that’s inside.”

Cedric : “Easy for you to say bro. My heart has been on a race course all day.”

Ariel : “Same here bro! But seeing that we made it this far let’s get this over with.”

Cedric : “Go in and do your thing bro. We’ll be here waiting for the outcome.”

Garry : “ goes nothing and if I don’t come out soon just drive off and let me go down alone.”

Ariel : “Stop being dramatic and go in already! This is not the time for foolishness.”

Garry : “Ok ok! Hold your horses bro just trying to lighten the mood.”

Cedric : “Hey hey hey! Let’s do what we came here for first please! You two can do this later.”

Ariel : “Alright bro! Garry let’s get this done with and get on with our day.”

Garry : “Agreed!”

The three men nodded their heads in agreement before Garry exited the car. He made his way to the store entrance, looked back at the car once more and disappeared behind the electronic doors as they slid closed. Ariel and Cedric stayed in the car and looked out the windows with their hearts in their hands…


The Walls Are Alive…(continued)

Ariel : “Can we atleast just have something to eat first?”

Garry : “Last I checked human beings were still able to talk and eat at the same time so what’s your excuse”

Cedric : “Geez Garry! what happened to you last night? Did someone try to take advantage of you in anyway?”

Garry : “What does that have to do with anything?”

Ariel : “Because you’re harsh and commanding today, feels like we’re talking to a detective.”

Garry : “I just feel betrayed so anyway get on with your story.”

Cedric : “Fine! so we left the party…”

Garry : “Correction! YOU LEFT ME AT THE PARTY! Continue from there.”

Ariel : “Ok Garry pass the bottle, you’re drinking from the glass from now on.”

Cedric : “Yea that ‘dragon milk’ is getting you fired up.”

Garry chuckles whilst taking another sip before passing the bottle to Ariel who took it and poured some into a tumbler and handed it to Garry.

Ariel : “We left you at the party last night because of this so now we’ll monitor your drinks.”

Garry : “Ok fine! Just don’t let me die of thirst. Back from our commercial break, you can continue speaking sir.”

Garry giggled and took another sip as Ariel and Cedric shook their heads and laughed.

Cedric : “Anyway! So WE LEFT YOU at the party and decided to get some snacks and smokes from the cornerstore before heading home. We were reasonably drunk and I remember we were walking around the store trying to decide on getting pies or hotdogs.”

Garry : “So why did you leave me?”

Ariel : “Damn it Garry! You were drunk and being stubborn so we left you to chase after your ex because you said you wanted to ‘fix things’. You threatened to call the police and report a kidnapping if we took you away.”

Cedric : “Yea and that you were the modern day Romeo willing to die for his Juliet if that’s what it took to be with her.”

The three men almost pictured the whole scenario at the same time and burst out laughing.

Ariel : “I almost forgot that part, it wasn’t this funny at that time. I was so irritated I walked away.”

Cedric : “Especially when Garry started beating his chest and challenging anyone he saw. You were telling us you used to be a gladiator.”

Garry : “Really!? Ok fine so you left me I get it..let’s move on with your story.”

Ariel : “So we were looking around for something to eat when two guys stormed into the store with guns drawn. We ducked and hid behind the shelf whilst listening to what was going on in the front of the store. They were asking for the safe keys and all the money on the cash register…”

Cedric : “We looked at each other not knowing what to do then we saw the door to the back entrance/exit in front of us. The first thought was to get out and run for it but then we heard the noise subside as the two gunmen took the store owner to the office to open the safe…”

Ariel : “We stood up looked around and headed for the back door but then decided to take a few things on the house. So we grabbed some chips, chocolates, sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, pies and juice then ran to back exit. Soon as we got outside we ran into the third gunmen who was startled to see us with the loot in our hands…”

Garry downed his drink clenched his teeth as he looked at the two men with much enthusiasm as they told their story. Ariel took Garry’s glass and poured some more Brandy for him. He then passed the bottle to Cedric who took a gulp and handed it back to him.

Cedric : “So we are outside looking at this guy with his gun pointed at us. Time stood still and it felt like it was our last night alive. We froze dead in our tracks as he looked us up and down then he just walked past us and went into the store through the door we exited…”

Garry : “If I was the robber I would have made you two do a dance, cartwheels or leapfrog just to keep myself busy”

Ariel : “That’s why nobody would want to rob a place and let your monkey brain be part of it. You play too much”

Garry : “Hahahaha! I make life more fun that’s just what I do. So you got away with all this and now you tell me that I indulged in stolen goods?” Talk about putting me at a crime scene without being there. This is similar to witchcraft or putting a hex on someone.”

Cedric : “You watch too much TV bro! You won’t have to worry about being implicated if the cameras caught everything.

Garry : “Were there cameras?”

Ariel : “We aren’t quite sure but there’s a big chance they had some monitoring.”

Cedric : “I hope not.”

Ariel downed the last of the brandy and put the empty bottle on the table.

Garry : “Now that the bottle is done and the police are probably looking for you two, I guess I can crawl back to my hideout before I get accused of a crime I wasn’t part of.”

Ariel pulled out another bottle from under the bed, “Well the choice is yours Garry, we’re going to enjoy the rewards of our crime until someone comes looking for us.”

Cedric : “Oh yea! I almost forgot we had more. In that case fire me up captain, I’m going down with this ship too.”

Garry : “You know what..I abandoned my brothers last night but today I live to correct my mistake. In short I apologise for being short sited and…”

Ariel : “Aaargh Just shut up and pass me your glass Garry! Making all these senseless apologies.”

Ariel topped up the tumblers as the three men laughed and shook hands. Once refilled the three men made a toast to friendship and good times. They sipped on their drinks in silence for a little before Garry made a suggestion.

Garry : “You said you aren’t sure if there were cameras right?”

Ariel/Cedric : “Yes! What did you have in mind?”

Garry : “Well we can go back and find out.”

Ariel/Cedric : “You want us to go back to the store?”

Garry : “Yes! That way atleast we know for sure what to expect rather than sit here and wait to see what happens.”

Ariel and Cedric looked at each other and shrugged shoulders. The thought of going back and not knowing what to expect sounded dangerous but exciting.

Ariel/Cedric : “Ok that’s not a bad idea, let’s do it.”

Garry : “Great! So since I wasn’t there last night I’ll be the one to go in and investigate. I’ll put my life and freedom on the line for you two.”

Ariel and Cedric cracked up with laughter from Garry’s statement.

Ariel/Cedric : “Ok bro and thank you for doing this for us!”

Garry : “You can thank me later boys, for now let’s toast to another adventure.”

The three men rose front their seats and made another toast before downing their drinks. They had a little group hug then started preparing themselves to go back to the store…